What are Tiffany's Priorities?

1. Create affordable housing and childcare

  • Advocate for increased funding for repairs in Toronto Community Housing units
  • Build more affordable housing
  • Advocate for affordable childcare spaces and services

2. Develop youth and senior programming

  • Create safe community spaces for youth to gather, build skills, and be active
  • Work with partners to increase before and after school programs
  • Develop breakfast clubs
  • Create stimulating programming for seniors

3. Advance community and economic development

  • Support more businesses through small business promotions and developing fairs and events to showcase local business in community spaces
  • Promote local small businesses to the rest of Toronto
    Promote youth entrepreneurship through programming and partnerships
  • Attract more businesses to Ward 7 and work with developers to build more shopping infrastructure
  • Bring more affordable grocery stores to the community

4. Establish a community advisory council

  • Close the significant gap between city council and the community
  • Amplify voices in Ward 7 at decision-making tables

5. Provide accessible transportation

  • Support the development of the LRT to bring a swift, economical solution that will meet ridership needs in the ward
  • Work with Metrolinx to address valid community concerns about congestion and interrupting the flow of customers to small businesses
  • Advocate for increased bus/transit routes in remote areas of the community

6. Community safety

  • Develop a neighbourhood watch program
  • We need long-term solutions that get at root problems of gun violence. This includes addressing poverty, including affordable housing and lack of jobs. We need to invest in youth, which means supporting their leadership capacities and challenging harmful narratives that diminish their confidence and stigmatize their community. The answers must be more upstream than simply increasing police and surveillance
Tiffany Ford - Candidate for City Council Ward 7 (York West)