Dear Neighbours & Friends,

Ward 7 is the only home I know. I was born in our community and never left. Our community has shaped me into the person I am today. It’s where my passion for advocacy was nurtured, and where I’ve had the honour to serve as our local public school board trustee.

Over the past three years as trustee, together we have increased capital funding to our local ward 7 schools by 186% and created the first parent and student advisory councils in our ward. Empowering students and listening to the voices of parents has resulted in Better Schools, Better Education, and a Better Community.

Together, we can advocate for issues that are important to our community, including, affordable housing and childcare, accessible transportation, youth and senior programs, and community economic development.

This campaign is about us working together, and making decisions on what we need for our community. We live here, we work here and the best decisions can be made together. Share this journey with me. Together We Can.


Tiffany Ford